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Love your faults – Fear, pride and failure

We’re all so terrified of doing something poorly, of failing, of being seen to fail. For some of us it’s such a pervasive fear that it makes our decisions for us. We would rather do nothing than risk potential failure. At this point we are no longer in control of our lives. We are at the mercy of fear and our options are those where fear is absent…

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Joint Injury, Rehab & Bill Knowles – Part One

In 2013 I was introduced to Bill Knowles through my physiotherapist. In trying to discover more about Knowles, I came across his lecture at the International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology. Despite the title attached to the video…

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Do you have a philosophy for coaching? If you don’t, you should. Your philosophy is a set of foundational tenets that guide how you act. For others, it explains what your brand is about, providing a clear statement of expectations. For you, it’s a checklist against which new ideas can be measured…

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