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Podcast #11 – William Bindley: Philosophy of Science, Part 1

Podcast #11 – William Bindley: Philosophy of Science, Part 1

In this episode I’m talking to William Bindley, a student of, and tutor for, philosophy and mathematics.

I invited William on to talk about Philosophy of Science, which is generally divided into two questions: how should science be done and what is science for? The plan was to spend an hour covering each question, but that’s not how it played out. We got most of the way through the first question, but ran out of time. So we’ll continue our conversation in a future podcast. We do wander off the path at times, but I really enjoyed it. And I hope you will, too.

If you want to see more from William, check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe1vgni-i2C6r3XlM9E05fA

For those of you who prefer to listen to each episode through its clips, that may not happen here. I’m still trying to figure out the demarcation points throughout the conversation. If I can figure it out, I’ll update this post to included them and notify people via social media.

~ The Critical Coach

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