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Podcast #12 – Chelsey Kosalka: A Story of Injury, Rehab & Recovery

Podcast #12 – Chelsey Kosalka: A Story of Injury, Rehab & Recovery

In this episode I’m talking to Chelsey Kosalka, my last client before stepping away from coaching.

A lot of my content is about nerding out on the technical aspects of coaching. But at its core, coaching is a practical vocation. Theoretical knowledge is used to solve real problems for real people. And one of the more difficult problems to solve is that of long-term injury.

I invited Chelsey on to talk about her experience of long-term injury, rehabilitation and eventual recovery. The goal of our conversation was to ground that process within a personal story, to provide some insight for those unfamiliar with the experience, and to highlight signs of good and bad coaches for those seeking help.

We discuss how she was injured, her search for relief, the coaches she worked and how their different approaches helped or hindered her recovery.

~ The Critical Coach

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