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Podcast #8 – Dan Minton

Podcast #8 – Dan Minton

Over the past few weeks I’ve been receiving feedback about the podcast, which I really appreciate. Something that’s come up more than once is that it’s difficult to engage with due to the length. I love long-form podcasts, but I realise that’s not for everyone. So I want to try changing things up a bit.

I’ll continue to publish the long-form conversation, but I’ll also release shorter clips that focus on specific parts of the full discussion. You’ll be able to tell which is which from the title. Full episodes will continue to have the episode number followed by its title. Clips will have the episode number followed by the word “clips.” If this works for you, let me know!

This episode is my second conversation with Dan Minton, a veteran of 30-plus years in the Australian Army. He’s served as a soldier and an officer, a member of Armoured Corps and Army Aviation. As a civilian he’s been involved in the analysis and development of vocational-training, and currently works as the Project Director for Simbotix Innovations.

We do a walk-through-talk-through of the 5 Whys, discuss being successful as a highly disagreeable person, and wrap up with what excites Dan about education.

~ The Critical Coach

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