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Podcast #9 – Joe Matthews & Al Buttimore

Podcast #9 – Joe Matthews & Al Buttimore

The next article on Exercise Hierarchies if finally out. Sorry it took so long. Part one introduced the concept of an Exercise Hierarchy and how we can define complex exercises in simpler terms. Part-two-A develops that process to define and understand the relationships between exercises. Part-two-B will look at practical applications for that knowledge.

In this episode I’m back, talking to Joe Matthews and Al Buttimore, co-directors of RealFITT Strength and Conditioning. We talk about motivation and discipline, how to get involved with Powerlifting, and how gym equipment has changed over time.

If you want to sign up for the August Powerlifting competition at RealFITT, you can email [email protected]. If you want more info on powerlifting and the Australian Powerlifting Union, go to https://www.powerlifting-apu.com/.

If you want to check out Joe and Al’s gym, RealFitt, head over to their website – https://www.realfitt.com.au/. You can sign up for online coaching as an individual or join a group, and pick up supplements and training programs via their shop.

~ The Critical Coach

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