How much does shipping cost?  Shipping prices for headwear start in US$ and are converted to AU$ in the cart and checkout. The first item of headwear costs US$7.69 and every item after that costs US$1.42 to ship. If you bought two caps, shipping would cost US$7.69 + US$1.42 = US$9.11 (inc. GST).

Everything else (hoodies, t-shirts, etc.) costs AU$8.25 for the first item and AU$1.14 for each subsequent item. Shipping costs for a t-shirt and hoodie would cost AU$8.25 + AU$1.14 = AU$9.39 (inc GST).

How long will it take my order to arrive?  Headwear takes approximately 2-7 business days to produce and 8-14 business days for delivery. However, when I tested the supplier, orders were usually filled faster than that. Most orders were filled in 1-2 business days and took a further 8-10 days for delivery. Keep in mind that headwear is fulfilled and shipped from outside Australia.

Everything else (hoodies, t-shirts, etc.) takes approximately 3-7 business days to produce and 2-5 business days for delivery. Those delivery times were consistent when testing the supplier.

Why are some products shipped separately?  Different shipping methods are used depending on what product/s you purchase. Orders for headwear are fulfilled and dispatched from outside Australia. Everything else (hoodies, t-shirts, etc.) is made and shipped from within Australia.

Why is shipping more expensive for headwear?  The shipping cost for headwear is derived from US dollars, but the price visible in your cart and during checkout uses AU dollars. As the exchange rate between USD and AUD fluctuates, the cost of shipping changes.

Why don’t you ship overseas?  Because I’m not set up for it. If merch is popular in Australia I’ll go down the path of international shipping.


What is your policy for refunds and returns?  Whatever the Australian Consumer Law tells me it is. I’m not kidding. If something you buy fails to meet a consumer guarantee, contact me and we’ll sort it out.

To learn more about your rights under Australian Consumer Law, click here to go to the ACCC’s website.